Do not able to find blks2.ofdm_mod in svn


Hi jose
I try to find out ofdm block but it want appear there.
May by I am looking at wrong place.

here the path where i looked

thanks for guidance


hi tusear,

I added the OFDM mod and demod to the “Modulators” category in the GRC
gui. However, there are no OFDM examples for GRC.

A quick loopback test to let you know that the blocks work:
signal source -> ofdm mod -> ofdm demod -> throttle -> scope sink or fft


thanks Josh.
sorry for keep asking,
but I was wander that how do I update my GRC block only?
or do I have to download gnuradio whole package and
do the same process to update my GRC block

make && make check && make install

thanks and regards


Go into your build directory and run the command “svn up”. That command
ensures that you have the most recent code. The run “make && sudo make

If you only want to update GRC, then cd into the grc directory first,
then run the commands above.