Do I pile up mutiple cruds in one controller?

Being so new to programming, I really don’t have a clue to the proper
convention to use.

I have a schema where users will be storing personal data in a number of
different models, some of them dependent on others and all linked to at
least one, usually two or three others models via foreign key or habt

I don’t want other users to access each others data… so no instances
of any model except for user will exist without foreign keys.(well there
will be joint tables) There will be little reason to use the base crud
stuff a scaffold would make for each model…maybe for the deletes?

Most of the views too will all be from the user controllers I think…
they all will have multiple models involved.

Do I just make a really long user controller with the 3 or 4 crud
actions for each model i use? create_model1, create_model2,
create_model3, create_model4 …and the same for edit updates delete

The redundancy is a shame in itself but as they all have a bit different
types of relations with other models its gotta be there.

To make this question short and sweet (lol), if you have a dozen models
that interact at few focused view pages is it normal to have a
controller a dozen pages long?