Do I need to restart Mongrel every time I make a change?

When we make changes to our apps, do we need to restart
mongrel_cluster? For instance, text changes maybe not so, but if
change some logic of sorts, does that require a restart?

My concern is, what happens to current users? Do their transactions
get dropped? Does mongrel first finish them before shutting down? Is
there a graceful method to restarting?

Really wondering about this. My fear is if we restart after making a
change, I don’t want to mess up db inserts/updates, etc…

-adam O

Unless the change is in a html static file you must restart your
mongrels. In developer mode it auto-reloads content. In production
mode it does not.


So do you just cross your fingers and hope you don’t knock people off,
or interrupt any type of transaction…?

Is there any way to ensure that inserts, updates, transactions, won’t
get interrrupted if you have to restart?

Does it matter if you have several app servers running multi instances
of mongrel?


if you have it in a transaction it should roll back, if you are
catching it right you should be warning the user.

best thing is to restart at low traffic times or put up a site-down


i am probably wrong in the above message, the transaction may roll
back, but you’d probably not be able to warn the user.