DNote 1.2

Released DNote 1.2 yesterday. DNote collects developer’s notes from
source code (TODO, FIXME, etc) and spits them out in a format of your
choosing. Check it out at:


Hope it proves useful.

Btw the next release will focus on touching up the output formats. If
anyone has any opinions on this please let me know.

= Release Notes

By request this release adds additional formats, allowing notes to be
sorted by filename as well a label. In addition, paths can now be
excluded from the search using “-x” or “-i”. To implement these
changes it was necessary to makes some significant under-the-hood
adjustments, and this required making some adjustments to the design
of the templates and the command-line interface.

If are using any of your own custom templates you will have to make
adjustments accordingly --which basically entails exchanging
+notes.each+ for +notes.by_label_file.each+. Also use “–custom” or “-
c” option to specify
a custom template now.

On the command-line the format type itself is no longer used as the
option name, e.g. “–yaml”, but instead use “-f”, e.g. “-f yaml”. This
opens DNote up to many more templates. Use “-T” to get a list of all
template formats available.