Div replacement

Any one please solve the following situation:

            On my page i have a search text box and near with i have

a link_to_function called “Find” with in one div tag.
below this i have a flash animation on

tag with id “spot-light”.

what i want to do is once the user type the text and click the “Find”.
The div tag with id “spot-light” should display the result only not with
Flash animation.How can achieve this can any one please help me with
clear description. thanks.

Sorry, not sure if that helps you, since you description is a bit
You have a javascript function “Find” that gets called and then should
the content of the div “spot-light”. What’s that to do with the other

Anyway, that’s some code I used to create a list
it’s more complex in the original, I pasted just those parts, that
show how
to insert a div and set some text):

var row = document.createElement(“div”);
var col1 = document.createElement(“div”);
coltext1 = document.createTextNode(fileObj.name);


this uses prototype in the last line.

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