Distributing ruby with Rubyscript2exe - and a path problem?

Dear all,
I am trying to put together an executable file from
a ruby script containing an external application (gnuplot),
on machines that doesn’t have Ruby nor gnuplot installed,
using the way this is described in
(http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/rubyscript2exe/index.html) .

I have made a directory
put in it my application init.rb,
which writes some data into a file, saves it, and then
calls gnuplot via the system command to show a plot
using the commands in that file.
This works fine on the machine I am creating
the executable on,
but when I test my application on an external machine,
where there is neither gnuplot nor Ruby installed, it just starts
and ends without doing anything - no file is written,
no gnuplot is started, no error message is given.
What am I doing wrong ? Is there some problem
configuring some paths? The executable file is quite
large (~8MB), and it seems to contain what’s necessary
from gnuplot, as far as I can tell (see below).
Below is what I get from the eee-list and the tar-list commands
on the machine without Ruby and Gnuplot installed.

$ ./temp5_linux --eee-list

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,
----------------------------------------- eee-list
d bin
f bin/ruby (627260)
d lib
f lib/rubyscript2exe.rb (1789)
d lib/ev
f lib/ev/ftools.rb (4268)
f lib/ftools.rb (6318)
f lib/rbconfig.rb (5703)
f lib/matrix.rb (27785)
f lib/e2mmap.rb (4134)
f bootstrap.rb (1170)
f empty.rb (0)
d app
f app/temp5.rb (34577893)
i eee.info
c PATH=%tempdir%/bin:$PATH ; export
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=%tempdir%/bin:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ; chmod +x
%tempdir%/bin/* ; %tempdir%/bin/ruby -r
%tempdir%/bootstrap.rb -T1 %tempdir%/empty.rb %tempdir%/app/temp5.rb