Dissabling cookies in webrick


I’m using config.action_controller.session_store = :active_record_store
to store sessions for my app.

I have a client that cannot parse requests when cookies are sent by
server. I thought that by using the active_record_store the cookies are

But apparently they are not. How can I make that the server doesn’t send
cookies? At least when requests are not for html?
I use webrick for this.

I’m not good with sessions and cookies yet…


Hi, no hints around?

Currently in the responses from the server I see cookie and session
header and values.

What I want is that the server does NOT add cookie or session headers to
requests of type programs/users.svg

I’ve tried the next in my app controller but I can still see cookie and
session headers and values.

session :off, :if => lambda { |request|
request.parameters[:format] &&
request.parameters[:format] != ‘html’

I would appreciate any suggestions.