Displaying relationship attributes in MTM relationships

I have following many to many relationship:
class Service < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :service_dependencies
has_many :dependents, :through => :service_dependencies

class ServiceDependency < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :service
belongs_to :dependent, :class_name => ‘Service’, :foreign_key =>

However, in my schema the MTM table service_dependencies has few
relationship attributes as well, e.g. impact, severity, etc. along
with the foreign keys.

Right now, I’m displaying the dependent services’ fields in following

<% for dependents in @service.dependents %>
Service Name:
<%=h dependents.send(“service_name”)

<% end %>

I want to display the relationship attributes, impact, severity as well,
could someone please help me by letting me know how to access them in my
view page?