Displaying page render / SQL query time

Is there a way to display the time spent rendering a page and the time
spent in SQL query? I’d like to throw this up on view pages during

The logs seem to get this information, I just can’t seem to dig it out.

This page:
covers benchmarking controllers, but doesn’t separate the render and
database times.

I can duplicate the stuff in ActionController::Benchmarking and use my
own “alias_method_chain”, but I’d prefer to know how to dig out the
stuff that’s already there. Any ideas?


I couldn’t find a way to pull it out and thus built a simple timer

script/plugin install

I also put together a little blog post about it:


That includes some of the information on gotchas I found while putting
the plugin together. I believe there is another plugin which makes the
query benchmarks available in your view.


On 11/16/06, Jake J. [email protected] wrote:

database times.

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