Displaying a month calendar "grid" and using non-ical events?

I’ve just finished my latest Radiant-based site (http://callpipecam.com)
I’m onto my next one and have hit a snag. The new one needs an event
calendar that actually looks like a month-by-month calendar and the
iCal-based calendar extension seems to do a list of events vs. an actual
classic calendar. Does anyone know if this is even possible with this
extension and perhaps someone would be kind enough to share a sample if
I’d search the mailing list but the search page seems to be dead right
I get a vague sense that it might have something to do with the periods
period properties but I’m not making the translation in my head from
that to
a standard month “grid”.

A related question is has anyone modified this extension to work with a
local events table vs. having to pull from an iCal feed? While the
is OK with using Google C. they’re not 100% happy with it and
really like the events to be local. I’m of mixed mind and this isn’t as
important but thought I’d ask.

Shawn Oster

I’m not sure about iCal events calendar extension as I haven’t used it
if you are going to have a go at your creating your own extension have a
look at the rails plugin
I recently made an events extension that uses the plugin to show a
listing of events.


I have never tried to make a grid using my EventCalendar extension. I
do think it’s possible but might not be a lot of fun figuring out how
and could necessitate adding one or two month grid display oriented
tags (total days in month, etc). If I were you I’d tackle it as a new
extension. I do plan on adding direct event entry to the extension in
the near future, but whatever helpers you need to get the month grid
and navigation controls it implies to work are things which you’d
still have to add.

The extension was originally built for this page: http://

The extension can be found here: http://svn.fn-group.com/

Good luck,


Thanks, I’m actually about wrist deep in it (still haven’t had time with
other projects to actually get elbow deep yet but it’s coming soon :slight_smile:

I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress as I’ve just had another
ask for almost the same thing.