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I would like to make a “widget” that gets placed on websites that I
don’t control. And I want to make it as simple as possible for people to
(a maximum of 2-3 lines of code) place the widget on their website. So
it should be html or javascript code only.

Another requirement is that the requested widget resides on my
webserver. In case I want to make a change to its design, it should be
visible immediately on all the websites the widget is placed on. The
widget should also request data from the database based on some params,
the site owner can specify.

I have already looked at Flash, but since I’m new to Flash it seemed to
complicated. IFrames looks like a solution, but not one I want to use.
Is there a possibility to do this with Ajax? Any pointers are welcome.

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I think this is possible in JavaScript with some functions:

  • document.write
  • innerHTML
  • appendElement

Search about these methods and you will find the best way to do your

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