Dispatch.fcgi processes not killed properly

Hi Guys

I’ve had this error come up a couple of times now - If it was just a one
off every now and again I’d understand it and look at caching.

It seems the site is up and running no probs for about 30 days each time
then my max processes are used up and the site goes down until my host
(Site5) can clear the processes down.

I got a list of processes from support which interestingly enough seem
to be all around midnight or thereabouts which seems to me this is
probably when they are doing a scheduled kill of the dispatch process.

… S Nov13 0:02 /usr/bin/ruby dispatch.fcgi
… S Nov14 0:21 /usr/bin/ruby dispatch.fcgi
… S Nov16 0:21 /usr/bin/ruby dispatch.fcgi

From the rails point of view the logs have no errors until the site goes
down then I get the mySQL max_user_connections error until I get the
processes cleared by support.

Has anyone else had the same problems? Is this just a configuration
problem from my end? Or is there some way I can clear any dispatch.fcgi
processes that haven’t properly died?

Thanks in advance!


Try posting your question on refwell.com. You might get your answer

On Feb 5, 5:08 pm, Luke P. [email protected]