Dispatch.cgi errors

I’m trying to get my rails app running in regular cgi before moving to
but i’m getting premature end of script headers errors in my server log.

I’m not sure how to debug this, and i would greatly appreciate some
Of course when i browse to my app, it says: Rails application failed to
start properly"

So far i’ve done:

I can run the console and create a new user object from my User model,
so i
dont think its a database connection issue (right?).

I ran tail -f on my server log while trying to access my app from a
and it spits out the “premature end of…(piece of shit uninformative

I started webrick and browsed to my site with that
and it works fine.

Dispatch.cgi points to the right ruby installation.

I have not:

modified .htaccess (didnt think i needed to since i’m trying the out of
box installation)