Disable lighttpd



on my local machine and server where i am running my apps i want to
switch lighttpd as my load-balancer to nginx (w mongrels). i have
already done this on both machines, but on my local machine i have the
lighttpd placeholder page that appears everytime i restart my computer,
whereas i’d like to see nginx’s placeholder page instead.

where can i find the file/configuration-file where i determine what
load-balancer to be the default? is this a general linux conf file, or
do i write something in a lighttpd file / nginx file / something else?

any help, references - appreciated.



I need to have a in_place_edit_field for select tag.
I’ve been looking in /public/javascripts/console.js source and found
Ajax.InPlaceCollectionEditor JS class which seems to be the right one I
But the problem is that I use ajax in rails first time and I don’t know
how to use it in my rails application. I can’t find anything in rails
API, either. I’ve only found in_place_editor_field which I

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.