Dir.entries() anomaly

  1. This problem is not likely Ruby, 2) You people are very good in a
    lot of different areas, 3) I don’t know how to phrase the problem to
    even Google it…

“Dir.entries(’//minitfp01/cclients’)” versus “Dir.entries(‘k:/’)”

The first returns an error: “M:\ruby\Projects\CmsStandards\lib\test.rb:
1: No such file or directory - //minitfp01/cclients (Errno::ENOENT)”

The second functions without error. K: is mapped to ’

Would anyone care to share their thoughts on this and why this is
occurring. (I know, it’s Windoze.)

I’ve tried ending it with a slash, too. That failed as well.

Your time and consideration is appreciated.

One additional tidbit of fact: Both examples operate fine from my
desktop. The originally posted error happens on two Terminal Services
servers. It functions fine on a third Terminal Services server.

Thanks again

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