Difficulty with Ajax

I have a difficult using Ajax and wondered whether anyone has the
expertise to advise me how to proceed?

  1. We start at edit - this calls a partial form, which then calls a
    series of partials (which themselves call partials sometimes). If we
    take the case of features, the form goes:

edit - _form - _features - _feature

  1. Updates are made in the controller, then there is a re-direct to
    update.rjs (this works it gets there).

  2. We have:

page.replace_html(“features” , :partial => ‘features’ , :object =>

page[:features].visual_effect :highlight, :startcolor => “#88ff88”,
:endcolor => “#114411

I have tried many permutations of the above (and trying to use form),
but it will not work…

  1. Now I would like to return to edit, but show a visual effect on
    features to show that the update has occured

I fear that restructuring may be required, because may have to be in
edit. Any advice would be really appreaciated