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I’m using radiant for the Profoss website ( http://www.profoss.eu ).
Profoss organises events, and each event has its own news section.
This news section is displayed in a tab (widget from extjs.com), eg

If you visit this link, you’ll see that the page is rendered as pure
html, so the layout is simply <r:content />.

Although the page is displayed in a tab, I also would like to make it
available at http://www.profoss.eu/events/october-2007-asterisk/news
The problem is that the page there is also rendered with a simple

Is there a way to configure the layout used according to a parameter
passed in the url? That way I would pass something like
“?embedded=true” when requesting the page for the tab content, but the
full layout would be used when accessing the URL without this

Or is there an even better solution?



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As i understand, when the news page is rendered inside a tab it’s
retrieved dynamically with AJAX and added to the DOM. Then you want to
the same page with layout when is accessed directly by the user.

AFIK this is not possible with Radiant as it's now.  This looks like 

task for an extension. Take a look to existing extension, may be there
one that allows you to do this.


Assuming Aitor is right and AJAX is being used to fetch the page,
could you simply apply the layout all the time, use AJAX to fetch the
page, but only add to the DOM from a certain element (ie: place
everything important inside

and then only copy
its children from the AJAX response into the current DOM)? This
should be a fairly simple Javascript solution that won’t require any
Radiant/Rails hacking…

Good idea!


You should be able to do this with a page type. The page type can get
the paremeter, then add a conditional tag to test for it. I actually
may need this, if it works, I will let you know.

Keith B.

[email protected]

You just made my day. I have been hacking around for weeks on this. I
never could see anything that was just sitting in front of me!


Keith B.

[email protected]

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