Different Implementation of GNU Radio


First, I’m a newbie to the gnu radio. I’ve had some basic experience
with FPGA’s and some classes in Communication and DSP, so I get how the
blocks work, well some of them. I also understand the idea that GNU
radio is sets of blocks which are called by python programs to come up
with communication systems. Here’s what we’re trying to do:

Have one FPGA, running some version of Embedded linux, acting as a
First we would have no computer (as in desktop pc) which the fpga would
be connected to, it would just be on it’s own.
Then, I want to use FPGA both to run linux and python interpreter for
the GNU radio, but also doe all of the RF front end stuff USRP boards
are doing.
If this scenario is at all possible?
If it is I would appreciate the general outline what I need to do.
I figured this much so far:
1: Install Linux on embedded
2: Install GNU radio on the linux
3: Connect this to FPGA

This is where I’m clueless, step 3. How do you interface the software
running on linux platform with the FPGA so FPGA can act as an RF front

Any pointers, or help, or documents I could read pointing me in the
right direction would be appreciated.

Thank You


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