Difference scaffold model


i am relativly new to Ruby and Rails.
My question is, why can’t i use respond_to and session[:…] in
ApplicationController created by a "ruby script/generate scaffold "
and in ApplicationController created by "ruby script/generate model "
i got errors like methode not know (for respond_to) or symbol as array
index for session access.
How can use this nice things in models? Is there a nice tutorial showing
the difference between this two models?

I am unsing InstantRails Rails version 2.0.2

What exactly are you trying to do?

On Oct 10, 1:35 pm, Andreas B. [email protected]

Mauricio Szabo wrote:

What exactly are you trying to do?

On Oct 10, 1:35�pm, Andreas B. [email protected]

Let say i generated an rail aplication with:

rails proj
ruby script/generate scaffold User name:string fullname:string
ruby script/generate controller tasks definition
rake db:migrate

i can use ‘respond_to’ format in the User Controller and check for
and set session variables, but in the task controller
similar task are quited with error:
respond_to : unknown methode
session : Symbol as array index

where is my fault, how to overcome this?