Difference Between ROR and Django

Hi I am the newbie to both Django as well as ROR… Which one i have
to choose as my carrier one… And what is the main difference…
Djkango in Python & It is in Ruby…
which one is best to easy learn and about security
Thank you…

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Well, if you want to hear what is bad about python, ask here and ask
the python people about ruby.
As for learning something carrier wise, learn both and learn php and

If you only know one, you are not very good.

Also, you pick one and become really good with it, that is the best
advise. I have seen people do awesome things with tools I could not
believe in a million years were possible with them, just because they
stuck with them.

If you want to start somewhere, create a simple blog system with photo
albums and comments and tags in both system. Make sure you finish

Then you decide.

Only thing that helps your carrier is being good at something, there
are millions of people mediocre in pretty much everything.


I tried Django when I was focusing on making Python my primary
language and. . . I went through a few tutorials, but I could not
quite “get it”. At the time, though, I wasn’t terribly familiar with
OOP concepts* and when I found myself not being able to access
python.org at work (long story), I went and started to work with Ruby;
thats when I started to finally understand OOP. From that point, I
started to work with Rails and here I am. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I think Django is a fine framework and if I decided to go back
to it, it would probably be much easier for me to pick up. That said,
If you feel more comfortable with the way Rails work, I personally
would just skip it and go for Pylons, since Pylons is similar to Rails
in syntax and implementation (as far as I can tell).

*I think that’s the key - if you don’t have a good grasp of OOP, it
would be fairly difficult for you to get up and running with any
framework, whether it is Django, Rails or any other web MVC. I would
suggest brushing up on OOP in your current language or any other
language in parallel in learning a MVC framework.

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Since you’re on a Rails list… I’ll keep this short.

Django is the best solution (if you like snakes).

Ruby on Rails is the best solution (if you like Trains).

If you like snakes AND trains… well, you’re going to have to
evaluate the pros/cons with a different set of metrics.

Robby… who likes trains.

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