Difference between *options and options

I saw below code

options = { :a => 1, :b => 2, :c => 3 }
rejects = Hash[*options.select { |k, v| k == :b && options.delete(k)

In the above if I use options insted of *options what is actually
happening…I would like to know their difference What actually means

Thanks in advance

Sijo Kg wrote:

Thanks in advance

This code might be a little deceptive, but if you look closely
“options.select { |k, v| k == :b && options.delete(k)}.flatten” is just
creating an array out of selected keys and values. After that, the splat
operator (*) is being used to turn the array into parameters for the
Hash.[] function…which turns it back into a hash. Tada!

I note that in Ruby 1.9.1, Hash#select returns a hash, making this
weirdness unnecessary.

More about splat, including this particular use: