Difference between development/production environments from extensions point of view


I’m developing a new extension for radiant. I have created a
controller which is a subclass of Admin::AbstractModelController like

class PostsController < Admin::AbstractModelController
model_class Post


Posts controller is mapped to a new tab in the admin interface. When I
click this tab list of items is displayed.

In development environment everything is working as I want, but when I
try to run the same extension in production environment I get
following error:

uninitialized constant Admin::PostsController

I checked environment specific configuration files, but haven’t found
anything suspicions.

Any help on how to fix this issue will be appreciated.

Martins Grunskis

Sounds like your routes are messed up. Does your route definition look
like this?

map.connect ‘admin/posts/:action/:id’, :controller => “admin/posts”

Make sure that your namespacing is correct.


Thanks, that helped. Now my controllers are in Admin namespace:

class Admin::PostsController < Admin::AbstractModelController

But I find it strange, that everything worked in development mode. Why
it’s that way?

This piece of code that I borrowed from page_attachements 1 also is
working only in development environment! I’ve checked if it’s only
that way in my extension, but no - page_attachments has the same
bug… Any ideas?

Martins Grunskis