Dhtmlx grid excel using ror 3


has someone successfully exported dhtmlx grid using Ruby on Rails 3 to
Excel file?
I have followed the great tutorial here:

and successfully form the grid

what i need now is to generate it to excel
Say, after user filter the data s/he wants, click “Export to Excel”
button, and .xls is generated exactly like what is in the grid (after

Could someone help providing sample script?
Provided here is the script for PHP / Java / ASP.NET :
Export dhtmlxGrid to Excel
RoR 3 ???

Thanks a bunch,

I’m interested in this too.

This is Paul from DHTMLX. We might add the export script for Ruby on
Rails in the future. As for now, you can try to use the online export
service. Check this blog post: Grid to PDF and Excel Online Service

I’m not familiar with dhtmlx, but you can send_data the html table to an
.xls file with the excel mime-type and Excel will read it in -
should stay intact - although I don’t know what limitations on
may exist. Works with UTF-8 characters, too. OpenOffice will grok it -
other spreadsheet apps don’t seem to like it, though.

There’s a spreadsheet gem that will give you more fine grained control
exchange for more work) over the .xls file, and produces a legit .xls
which matters if you want to support more spreadsheet programs than just

I’ve also seen XML Doc approaches. Search to_xls and you should find a
different options.

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