Devise sign up with paypal

Hi All,

I have a rails 3.1 application where user can sign up in two ways- free
trail for 10 days and after 10 days they will have to pay to use the

While sign-up these two options will be present. I did sign up using
devise. I need to integrate paypal both while sign up as well as after
the trail period is over…

Can somebody send me some tutorials for this or guide me by steps…



Thomas B. wrote in post #1076092:

GitHub - dwilkie/devise_paypal: Sign in and register through Paypal's authentication and permissions apis

Hi Thomas,

It is for users to authenticate whether they have paypal account or not.
But I want user to sign up to my application by paying some amount
through paypal… Paid site is what iam doing…

Please let me know if you have any ideas about it…

Thanks for ur rly…

I mean come on! FFS! You want to do something that the gem that provides
immense possibilities for you does not do. Just right an extention or
whatever. You can’t expect the mailing list to do your job. My personal

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