Devise Nested Resources

I’m working on a new Rails (v3.0.0.rc) application using the Devise
(v1.1.1) gem. In my application I have setup a User model which
includes the person’s e-mail address and name. I have also setup the
following models that I’d like to attach to the User:

  • Address (street, city, state, zip code)
  • Interest (name)
  • Donation (date of donation, amount)

My question is how can I go about setting up routing for these nested
resources? When reading the documentation for Rails 3 routing I saw
the that the following was possible:

resources :users do
resource :address
resources :interests, :donations

Although when using devise, the devise_for :users helper doesn’t
appear to accept a block of nested resources. Does anyone have any
ideas on what I can do to setup this behavior (or propose alternative
ideas on what I could do). Any help would be greatly appreciated,

I just happened to be looking for the same information. I found it

To quote the relevant part:

The solution is to give devise_for an alternate path to use for user
authentication, e.g. accounts:

devise_for :users, :path => ‘accounts’

resources :users do
resources :someresources

It doesn’t matter what path you use, since devise is going to use its
own controller to handle authentication requests.

Thanks, this is just what I was looking for.