Devise generates Mailer by its own?

Rails 3.1.3

Hi. I’m a little confused with Devise and ActionMailer.

It seems that Devise has its own way of sending mails through

Does it generate Mailer class when “rails g devise…” command is
Or do I need to do some special command in order to generate Mailer?

I have certainly set up a devise User table but there is no Mailer class
for it, although I can generate ActionMailer separately.

Thanks in advance.


Hi you might want to ask this on the devise mailing list, you can find
it here


Thanks for the information.
I will try over there.


@Soichi I.

Yes, ActionMailer is included in the devise once installed. Devise use
it to send email to users for password reset instructions, account
confirmation instructions, and etc.

Best regards,


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