Devise application


I am looking for someone who can build a Devise starter application with
a number of things I need. I have read the forum rules but I’m not sure
whether this post is allowed. If this is not the case, let me know.

Here is a list of features that the starter application must contain:

  • Register
    • Registering is only possible if you recieved a invite code when
      another user invites you
    • The invite codes (Generated by the system) are only valid for 72
    • The user invites another user just types in a email address to
      invite, not a code.
  • Users
    • The user must have a experience points row in its database.
    • The user starts in level 1 and gets higher (till level 10) with
      earning experience points.
  • A template system in the application
  • There must be 3 user roles
    • Administrators
    • Moderators
    • Users

I have no idea how mutch time this takes to develop. I hope we can
arrange a price, payed trought Paypal for security.

Thank you for your time.