Device(?) works strange

  1. I build and on the
    useing nginx unicorn RoR Device
  2. For the clone, and are builed on the server
  3. Only is defined on DNS, others are on the /etc/hosts

3 of 4 domains work well, but SOME_CLONE works strange

  1. when access ‘needs authenticate page’ , redirected to
    SOME/users/sign-in, not to SOME_CLONE/users/sign-in

  2. Explicitly access to SOME_CLONE/users/sign-in, can access to
    and later accesses reach to SOME_CLONE

  3. when access SOME_CLONE/foo, access_log s are
    SOME_CLONE/Rails.root/log/product " Started GET “/foo” " and
    401 Unauthorized "
    SOME_CLONE/access/log /foo(status is 302)
    SOME_/access/log /users/sign-in

how can i resolve