Development Web Server Producing mal-formed html

I am struggling with differing html rendered by my development servers
on my Ubuntu 8.10 development environment. I have tried the following
case study with both mongrel and webrick, so I don’t think the problem
is with the server.

While reducing this problem down to more simple case study would help,
the following code demonstrates my problem. Essentially, extra html
tags are being added and items are inserted inside

tags. I
imagine that rails rendering is causing this.

A view calls the following partial:


To register for a camp, click on the desired time-slot located at the bottom of each camp's description.
<% hidden_div_if(@cart.items.empty?, :id => "cart") do %> <%= render(:partial => "cart", :object => @cart) %> <% end %>

Register for a Fitness Camp

<% @fitness_camps.each do |fc| %>
<%= fc.full_title %>
<%= "#{fc.description}
" unless fc.description.nil? -%> Location: <%= link_to fc.location.name_in_context, :controller => 'location_info', :action => 'description', :id => %>
<% fc.time_slots.each do |time_slot| %>
<% form_remote_tag :url => { :action => :add_to_cart, :id => time_slot }, :html => {:id => "form#{}"} do %> <%= submit_tag(time_slot.start_to_finish, :id => "reg_#{}", :class => 'button') %> <% end # form_remote_tag %>
<% end # time slots iteration %>
<% end %>

which produces the following html (with the proper html tag

indentation) (note that the test text eieio doesn’t even show up

Register for a Fitness Camp

Camp 1 from 15 Mar 09 to 15 Sep 09
camp 1 description
Location: Location 1 Description
<form action="" . . . deleted
<form action= . . . deleted for brevity
Camp 2 from 15 Dec 08 to 27 Dec 08
description for camp 2 . . .
Location: Location 1
<form action=
<form action=". . . deleted for brevity"
Camp 3 from 14 Dec 08 to 31 Dec 08
desc . . .
Location: Location 1
<form action=". . . .deleted"
<form action="" . . . deleted

Sorry for all the code, but I wanted to show exactly what was being
generated. I particularly I am worried about how the

elements are
not closing. This is not the case with my production server using
apache + mongrel. What I suspect is that whatever component of rails
that is rendering the html is going off on some distracting direction.

Thank you for any help and let me know if this might be a rails bug
and if I should dig deeper into the rails code.

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