Development Hosting


I am looking at a hosted environment for RoR, subversion, trac and
possible also a JVM. I would like to start of with a srtandard plan
while I am in development mode and then upgrade to a production-level
plan in the future. I have looked at Railsplayground, which seems to
offer most of the features I require.

Can anyone make a recommendation?


Planet Argon is pretty good for shared Rails hosting… no JVM though.

After digging around a bit further I found the Rails Hosting Info site

I have been on railsplayground for a while. I can’t really vouch for
using them as a production environment (I have a few things out there,
but none that really experience heavy load). The support is good, and
they are quick to fix stuff for you, install gems, etc.

So, railsplayground is definately a good develpoment platform.

Good luck finding the right place, lots of options (usually with
little to distinguish between them).