Development environment doesn't reload classes

I’ve upgraded my rails application from 1.1.6 to 1.2.3 recently. It
works fine but whether I run it on development or production, I always
have to restart mongrel to see changes I made in controllers & models. I
also checked “config.cache_classes” and it’s set to false. One thing I
suspect is, I use productize and in order to run the application with
productize, I had to replace 1.2.3 boot.rb with the old one (1.1.6) I
don’t know if that is the case.

Hey kocolu,

even i was using 1.1.6 till last month and what i noticed is that if
you are using mongrel to start your web-server,
i never saw it’s reloading for any changes, either in controller,
model or view or any thing for that matters.,
when i send a SIGHUP signal it use to reload(I mean mongrel). But
this problem was not there when you use,
script/server (in development mode)which is there in your application.

On Aug 22, 2:26 pm, Ufuk K. [email protected]