Developing with Ruby 1.8.2

Hi all,

I have to develop a Ruby on Rails web application using Ruby 1.8.2.

Could you inform me about what are the latest versions of Rails and
RubyGems that should work with Ruby 1.8.2. I am also looking for some
documentation that covers these versions. What I have found so far is
that most of the examples that can be found in internet do not fully
work on Ruby 1.8.2 and Rails 1.1.6 since they are quite old.



What is keeping you at Ruby 1.8.2?

I know that this is NOT what you want to hear but you will save your
self a bunch of time if you just upgrade to 1.8.6/7 and go with the
latest rails. If you are on a old linux platform that comes with 1.8.2
(I think an older debian did that) Just get the latest ruby source and
compile/make/make install …

my 2 cents… back to bobnations question why?

I agree with Fred,

Rails 1.2.3 is the earliest I would consider using, in the log run it
will cause you less pain to stay current. Security and other such
features have got so much better in more recent versions

I am bound to Rails 1.8.2 because of the hosting provider wherein I
have to deploy the application. It only supports that version. Anyway
I have just known that it has not support for Rails so this door is
closed to me :frowning:

Thanks for you help :slight_smile: