Developers Wanted


Hello - ( is looking for talented Ruby
to help us build the next version of our website. Currently we’re
for contract positions but will consider full time employment in
Springfield, MO or San Francisco, CA.

3-5 years database driven web development in Ruby, Java, Python or
2+ years SQL experience
Experience with version control, in particular Subversion
Good grasp of *nix shell
PostgreSQL experience a plus

Please contact me at removed_email_address@domain.invalid if you’re interested.

Thanks for your time.

Mike Engelhart


Hello Michael,

i read your post to this mailing list in which you explained your
for choosing RoR over Java (Hibernate, …) for implementing
and i
can certainly agree to what you said. I have been working with Java
1997 and i’m happy to be using RoR now and do better programming in
time cycles.

I am interested in a contracting opportunity for the
but i’m living in Europe, Belgium to be precise.
I was wondering if you will consider contracters from outside of the US.

I know 37Signals has worked with DHH living in Denmark so it is
possible (and i’m not DHH :wink: ) but i don’t know if you are open to this
kind of setup.

Thanks for your time

Best regards


ir. Werner Ramaekers

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Werner Ramaekers' Weblog


Hello Werner -

Yes we are considering international Rails programmers for this project
assuming you can speak English (which apparently you can since you can
it :-)). If you wouldn’t mind sending me a resume to removed_email_address@domain.invalid
then I
can review it and maybe schedule a time to give you a phone call.

Thanks for your interest in

Michael E.