Developers' Call, May 19, 2011

We will be having our monthly Developers’ conference call today.

Date: May 19, 2011
Time: 10 PM UTC (6 PM EDT, 3 PM PDT)
SIP: sip:[email protected]
IRC: #gnuradio on freenode

I am traveling and on a semi-holiday right now, and it is unlikely that
can make the call today. Johnathan C. will be leading it, instead.
someone who is online today try to take good notes in the IRC channel
email me the log?

Agenda items:

  • Begin work on next for GNU Radio 3.5:

    • Add cmake build structure.

      • We want to start exploring using cmake instead of autotools.
        should be able to have parallel build systems to work with until we
        out which one “wins” and then remove the other. This might take a few
        version cycles.
    • add gr-digital. I’ve been working on some enhancements to some of
      digital modulation blocks. We will add this to gr-digital and deprecate
      their counterparts in gnuradio-core. This is the first step in splitting
      the core into more appropriate components.

    • adding uhd examples/apps. Start relying less on USRP code for all
      examples; have gr-usrp/apps, gr-usrp2/apps, and gr-uhd/apps. I made some
      start on this and more needs to be done.

    • Work on making a consistent API and naming scheme. Based on M.
      Dickens’ suggestion. As part of the coding standard guide, we should
      the block names and certain aspects of the API for each block clear (

    • Start using Volk for gnuradio-core blocks. Need to ensure it works
      the E100 and then start integrating Volk into blocks to improve
      of our code.

  • Some updates on the GR conference.

  • There has been a lot of discussion on the mailing list about the
    If anyone has any more to say to help us make development and
    easier, we should talk about them.