Developer/Partner wanted (paid position)

(Please forgive my posting this so generally in this forum, but I have
not found any better places to post this in the Rails-centric world.
Would welcome suggestions).

Subject: Developer/Partner wanted (paid position)

Aggressive and talented partner sought to replace a developer who has
become seriously, and is forced to abandon a lot of work on an Rails
project for a unique new social networking project. This is a virtual
company. You must be able to work from your home.

The opportunity best discussed by phone with qualified candidate, but
generally, the project concerns the development a new kind of web
publishing tool using a new approach to tagging/folksonomies. It has
implications for many categories of web2.0 publishing, and should really
excite the bleeding-edge, visionary-type developer.

The new partner will have have to reverse-engineer core implementations
from some docs, and early-stage working models. (If you’re not good at
doing code-forensics, this may not be your kind of project. We need to
build on what we have, and not start over).

Modest salary plus substantial venture equity if you can devote full
time to the project. Ideal for single person looking to finally get into
a venture with at least some base pay to eat with.

Only very experienced programmers with serious RoR knowledge and
experience considered.

This is a venture seeking a hard working partner, and not a contractor’s

Please contact me and supply a formal resume, or just a good description
of your experience, plus a phone number or email.

[email protected]


We are a software company based on Argentina. We offer high end
professional programming at a third times more convenient rate. Our
experience set us apart from most of South American software
companies, which offers a low price for low qualified job. We focus on
excellence with a great capital of knowledge and work experience.

Our work for you to see:

  1. Search Enginee (view prototipe at )
  2. E - commerce ( view prototype at )
  3. Rubi on Rails platforms ( view prototype at
  4. WAP / WML Mobile ( view demo at )
  5. Web Video ( view demo at )

Hiring us for solving your software development needs will make the
best of your investment. Please check out our website for further
information: and don´t forget to download our

Thank you for your time,

Nicolás Finkielstain
Engenus International CEO/Founder