Dev server - switching between mongrel and lighty

I’ve looked all over and can’t figure out what determines which server
to start if BOTH mongrel and lighty are installed.

Please note, I’m talking about development server here, not a production
environment. I just want to be able to have both mongrel and lighty
installed on my Mac and easily switch between them for what gets run
when I do “ruby script/server”.

I used to use lighty all the time (hivelogic install). Then I installed
Mongrel. Since then, I can’t find any way to make it run lighty instead
of mongrel.


script/server lighttpd


Vishnu G. wrote:

script/server lighttpd


Red faced with embarrassment…

I tried that, but apparently misssspellled it. I know I tried ‘lighty’,
and thought I had tried ‘lighttpd’ but must have left out one of the
't’s in lighttpd.

Many thanks.