Dev.bat not quite setup for Dev10?


I was looking through the Dev.bat script and it seems like its not quite
setup for Dev10. It doesn’t check for sdkvars.bat in the Dev10 directory
which is the only instance I have of that particular batch script.

Have the changes just not been pushed to the public Github repo yet or
am I missing something?


PS: My primary IDE is VS2010 when working in C#, I don’t even have
VS2008 on here.

It looks for %PROGRAM_FILES_32%\Microsoft Visual Studio

Where is sdkvars?



In both the master and v1.0 branches, the Dev.bat file does not contain
a check for Visual Studio 10.0. I can easily add one, as I’ve discerned
(and done) but its not actually in the files.

For now I’ve edited it for myself but I wanted you guys to be aware its
not setup for Dev10 as far as I can tell on the Git repo side. Maybe the
changes haven’t been pushed from TFS?


I don’t have sdkvars either, and I only have Dev10 on my laptop.

Lovely. We have 2 versions of dev.bat, and this one has not been
updated. My dev.ps1 in languages\ruby\scripts\powershell\ should work if
you call it as “path\to\dev.ps1 10.0”. Using 9.0 should use the 9.0
libs. We’ll be doing some moving around over the next few weeks that
should help us clean this up