Detection and classification of signals

Hi all,

I’m working an a little project using gnuradio for receiving ham radio
psk31 signals. I can decode a signal given a rough estimate of the
carrier frequency but I’d really like to take a big swath of bandwidth
as the input, detect the psk31 signals, and decode them all in

However I don’t even know what search terms to use to find methods to
detect the peaks, and make a guess as to whether they are psk31. What
words should I be typing into my google searches?

My naive first attempt would be to find the peaks in the intensity
that have about the correct width and then try to decode them, but I
thought there might be more robust techniques out there.


Ben -

Searching for “Automatic Modulation Classification (AMC)”, on Google or
IEEExplore, will give you fairly good start =)

Related terms may be: “Peak Detection”, “Robust Statistics”, and even
“Primary User Detection” (from the cognitive radio side of things).


I’ll note that none of my suggestions are actual techniques, but just
keywords that such techniques fall under.

If anyone is aware of actual techniques for Ben to use, that would
be more directly helpful.


Wicked, thank you. That’ll go a long way towards getting me started.
It’s frustrating when you’re so ignorant you don’t even know which
search terms to type in.