Detecting rake db:migrate?

Hi group,

I have a line of code in environment.rb that cannot be run during a
rake db:migrate, as it depends on some tables being present.

I need to find a way to enclose this line in a check for db:migrate. I
know how to check if we’re in a rake task with:

unless defined?(Rake)

do stuff, but skip when run from rake tasks


How can I take this further to make check if I’m running the rake
db:migrate task?



Excuse me, the code I need to wrap around the check is on
ApplicationController. Still, any ideas?

There is a model class method like table_exists? That you can use to
check ifthe table exists and then only run the code if it does

Thanks! That would work, for now.

I still have the itch though. If anyone knows, do tell.

Thanks again,