Detecting internal GPSDO not found on first connection

Dear All,

my device: USRP N200
System: Ubuntu 13.04

  1. I always get this on first connections (the next ones are okay):

$ uhd_usrp_probe
linux; GNU C++ version 4.7.3; Boost_105300; UHD_003.006.000-0-g7788c692
– Opening a USRP2/N-Series device…
– Current recv frame size: 1472 bytes
– Current send frame size: 1472 bytes
– Detecting internal GPSDO… not found
2. Besides that I usually lose the connection with the port I was
3. If I wait for some time, I again lose the connection on next command
and each time I have to type : sudo ifconfig eth0

Do you think these are normal?

Whenever I hear of anyone struggling with ethernet ports going up and
down unexpectedly on Ubuntu it nearly always comes down to Ubuntu’s
Network Manager trying to be clever.
Go google information on how to disable Ubuntu from automatically
managing network interfaces for the version you are using, then ifconfig
will likely do what you expect it to.

As far as GPSDO not being found, it takes time for GPS’s to achieve a
lock after a power cycle event, easily on the order of seconds. The USRP
is just parsing ASCII string output from the GPS on a UART. I doubt this
is indicative of any type of real problem in your case. Note also that
GPSDO’s need to be powered up for many minutes before they have a stable
clock that meets there specified performance.