Desired features in a mechanized documentation tool?

I would like some feedback on what features might be desirable in
a mechanized documentation tool for Ruby and Rails. Feel free to
respond on- or off-list.

Arti is an attempt to improve the documentation infrastructure
for Ruby in general and Rails in particular. Large numbers of
Rails sites are under development. As these come online and go
into maintenance, their developers and owners will find
themselves needing better tools than are currently available.


The first release of Arti (arti-0.1.2.tgz) was made about six
months ago. Since then, I have been working on infrastructure
(e.g., a generalized persistent storage mechanism for entity and
relationship information) and looking at possible add-ons.

I am currently trying to decide where to focus my development
efforts. Please look over the Arti demonstration sites, listed
on, then give me your wishlist for new
or modified features.

More generally, please feel free to send me questions or comments
on Arti, the demonstration sites, etc.

-r Rich M. [email protected] +1 650-873-7841

Technical editing and writing, programming, and web development