Design question


Where would people put the actions for the following scenario? I have
three models: users, messages and permissions. Certain users can see
certain messages that are left, thanks to the permissions table (which
simply links user_id to message_id).

I currently have three controllers:

Login: login, logout, add_user (etc)
Messages: for the users
Admin: for the administrator, add_message, edit_message (etc)

Maybe the user functions should be moved into the AdminController?
Maybe I’m way off here? It seems that controllers should lump together
groups of functionality, but they could end up huge.

In the future I might add groups (which will require add_group, adding
users to groups for the administrator). Is this really best in the
Admin controller? I can see it getting very unwieldy.

The pragmatic book keeps things in two controllers, one for the “user”
tasks and one for the “admin” tasks. I’ve tried keeping it like that
for my application, but it seems like I could end up with one controller
per model almost, which seems wrong for many reasons (e.g. views are
actually common to them all).

Any advice on how to begin thinking about this would be greatly