Description(more information) about XCVR2450 Daughterboard

Dear: Matt E. and all,

There is much information about other daughterboards; but, i cannot get
anything about XCVR2450.Because of this, I am really stuck for long

So, Where can i get detailed information about this board? Or
Could you Please give me answers for the ff questions about XCVR2450

  1. Is it Direct downconversion board like RFX2400? if not how it works?
  2. For the PLL based frequency synthesizer,does it use its own clock or
    the USRP clock? If I syncronize two USRPs to use same clock(as slave and
    master), will the XCVR daughterboards attached to each be coherent in
    phase and frequency?
  3. Where can i get the procedure for syncronizing two XCVR2450 boards,
    like the ones shown in for other boards.
  4. Are there schematics(PCB)for these board like the one shown in
    usrp-hw for other boards ?

Thank you so much!