Deployment Question

I am getting ready deploy my app and trying to figure its
configuration to allow for scaling if needed. I am looking at
deploying on Amazon. I do not expect high traffic in the beginning
(though that is completely a conjecture), i was thinking of deploying
the whole app including a MySQL on the single instance. I am trying to
figure out how difficult would it be if I had to separate the
components with having the db on its own instance with balance loading
and front end servers all running on their own instances. Is it easy
to make that transition or is it difficult enough that one should just
setup the more redundant setup now to avoid the difficulty.


I wouldn’t worry about scaling till you have to do it.

But, going from a 1 server setup (app and db on the same server) to a
2 server setup (1 app and 1 db) is pretty easy. All you’d have to
really do to your app is change your database.yml to point to your new
db server.

OK sounds good.

So, I imagine one will have to port the data over to the new server.
It just seems like there might be some loss of data if the time takes
too long between swithcing. i guess we cross the bridge when it

Thanks for the advice. I decided to go with running it on a single
instance for now. in order to get the most out of the singel instance,
what configuration would you recommend?

passenger v monglre v thin

apache v nginx

i looked around and there are many tutorails but htere does not seem
to be one way people consistently find easy and efficient in keeping
the app fast. any recs?

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I would suggest to start small at first (single-server instance)
unless you have
a pretty good indication that your site is gonna be a huge success on
the day of
launch. Should that be the case, you can investigate some of the cloud-
solutions which would scale quite nicely as needed (and you pay per
actual usage).
A couple of suggestions for Rails apps are Heroku and Engine Y… Of
course, you
can go with a cheaper shared hosting platform for your single server.
Separating that
architecture into a multi-server architecture is not straighforward
but highly doable.
Lots of tutorial around in the web on how to do that type of setup.

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