Deployment of first rails app

Hey Guys,

i have done some rails tutorials and gotten a rails app to work with
some basic session stuff and some db interaction and it works sweet
locally. but the problem that i am having is when i deploy it to my
production server i only get “Rails application failed to start
properly” and no logging files in the log directory of the app. as i
am on a shared hosting plan and new to rails i am not sure where to go
from here?? Things i do know:

i can use the app from the console on the prod server and it works ok.

the database connection information it ok

i have set the RAILS_ENV variable in the environment.rb file within
the app to development, but not sure how to tell what it is using?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:

which serevr you r using.
better to gay HOST Gator.

by using HOST gator we can easily deploy your rails application.

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