Deployment issue with Rails 3.1.1

Hi, I’ve recently updated an application to 3.1.1 and Capistrano
started to fail at the assets:precompile task. It’s a strange bug that
don’t always happen (it actually worked a couple of time) and there’s
no error message, it only display “Killed”. Running the rake task
locally work though. I’ve reverted to 3.1.0 and now it work with

Has something changed in 3.1.1 in regard to assets:precompile when
used from Capistrano?

Are you deploying to a shared host such as Dreamhost?

I can’t back it up with any proof, but if you are, my guess is that
during deployment, you are hitting CPU or memory usage limits and a
process watcher on the shared host is killing your compilation

I’ve had some success in this case by manually uploading the
precompiled assets the first time only. From their on, the
assets:precompile task shouldn’t be recompile assets that haven’t
changed… so that might save you some CPU/memory, perhaps enough that
your deployment will resume normal functionality.