Deploying with capistrano + cvs not latest version


newbie to capistrano, please be gentle.

I have got a capistrano deployment working in the following environment:

local is Mac, pure rails app
server is RedHat ES, MySQL, Apache, mongrel, mongrel cluster
SCM is cvs on another server running RedHat ES over ssh

I have deployed and can run the cap deploy command.

Problem? It doesn’t seem to get the latest version of code form CVS. I
was putting versions up last night and each time the code didn’t change.
This morning I did it again and the code changed.

I was suspicious that it might be a date problem (timezones or
something?) between machines. Indeed, one machine was an hour out but
even then looking at the console the CVS command does not seem to
attempt to extract for a particular date/time.

Can anyone help?

FWIW there is an error on the console after ‘querying latest version’ of
‘connection refused’ from the cvs server, but then it prompts me for the
password and does appear to extract code.