Deploying to a mini

I have a mac mini colocated, and I’m having a heck of a time automating
deployment. I was wondering if anyone has had success with apache2 in
of a pack of mongrels on a mini. Most of the configurations that I have
found are for lighty. However, I’m more familiar with apache and would
prefer that. Please advise.

What specific issues are you having?

Originally, I was getting svnadmin not found, and mysql not found, but
were in the path. But I think I may have figured it out. found this

Then there’s the fix to get Capistrano’s remote tasks to work with the
Darwin Ports environment. These
tasks execute the command directly via ssh (they don’t log in to a full
shell, I’m not sure what the term
is for that). It’s like executing ssh [email protected] “pwd” and it doesn’t get
the full environment you’d get when
logging into a shell. It gets a very restricted environment that you can’t
normally change. So you must
change a setting for sshd to allow yourself to setup extra environment
variables for these ssh’ed commands.

So open /etc/sshd_config and make sure the line:

PermitUserEnvironment yes

…exists and is uncommented. Now set up the custom environment for your
user (the user you deploy as) by >creating the file ~/.ssh/environment


That’s it! Although I think you have to restart sshd by toggling Remote
Login off and on in Sharing preferences or >rebooting hte machine.
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seems to take care of that problem. Now I just have to get apache
pointed at
rails and I should be good.