Deploying RoR apps from different branches

I have a multi-environment configuration (local, staging, development)
in which I can deploy the same branch (ie…trunk) to with ease using
Vlad the Deployer. I’m struggling to figure out how to deploy a new
branch to my staging environment, without having to check out the
entire repository (subversion) onto the staging server.

Has anyone run into this problem and solved it?

Am I complicating things for myself? If so, what is a better way to
manage branches and deployments to various environments?


PS…I’m open to switching to a new deployment tool.

The 26/07/11, BirdieTracker wrote:


PS…I’m open to switching to a new deployment tool.

I would try any DVCS.

Nicolas Sebrecht

I’ve not used SVN for some years now nor Vlad the Deployer ever, but I’m
using Capistrano / GitHub, and it is possible there using the Capistrano
multistage extension. You simply define common parts of the
in a common file and any varying configuration parts (including SCM
in your case) in the environment-specific config file, and you’re off


I use capistrano and I don’t have to worry about any of that.
Sure it copies the branch to a “cached” area on the web server as well
as to the live area.
Setup is very simple. Have you tried it?


I’m stuck with SVN (enterprise requirement) but not stuck with Vlad.
I’ll check out Cap and see if that makes my like easier.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.