Deploying Radiant on MacOSX?

I have been able to install and set up Radiant transfering our
current web site in one afternoon. Just wonderfull!

But then came the problems: deploying… as I am a nubie in Ruby and
RoR. I spent >3 days in searching the web and reading a lot of stuff.
I made trials with mongrel and others without success. The server is
a MacOSX server 10.3.x with Apache 1.3.3. The two main scenarii I
guess are either to upgrade to MacOSX 10.4.9 (not server) and run
Apache 2.4 with Mongrel and Capistrano (but deployement is still
unclear to me: too much info on the net and probably many outdated;
also the procedure given in Ruby on Rails 2nd edition from Dave
Thomas does not work), or keep the server in 10.3 with something
like lighttpd (preferred yet as I also run a WebObjects application
and other web sites on the same server).

Any help or references would be warmly welcome.




Where is your server hosted? Is it an actual server or just a spare box?

I would recommend upgrading to OS X 10.4. You’ll also need to install
Ruby 1.8.6, as the one that ships with OS X is broken. By far the
best article available is on Hivelogic (
narrative/articles/ruby-rails-mongrel-mysql-osx). Follow those
directions and you will be good to go.

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also the procedure given in Ruby on Rails 2nd edition from Dave
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Thanks Ryan!

I made all that is described under the link to Hivelogic on how to
set up ror on MacOSX. But to be precise my problem is not the
development platform which actually works well for me but how to
deploy my rails application from my local Mac to the OSX server. I
own the server and have full control on remote access (and physical
if needed). Today the server is hosting four different web addresses
and I am willing to install the Radiant/Rails application to be
mapped to one of these four url (and later others I guess ;-). I am
not an Apache guru. I am just begining with Ruby and RoR but enough
to understand that with Mongrel/Capistrano/Subversion the deployment
from development environment to server should be as simple as a one-
click, so my question:

-> how to deploy my local Radiant/Rails application to the OSX box
for production?

I have searched the net for hours and tried many suggestions without
success. I did not found much usefull info on Capistrano and Mongrel,
taking into account that I currently run Apache 1.3 (also other
alternatives do not appear so easy as stated). Also my navigation on
the net has shown me that many many many developers are facing such a
problem (and there is a true business around that problem!). I bought
the book Rails on Ruby but was unsuccessful in following the steps

So, developers who faced the same problem how did you solve it?